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Self-Assembling Structures of Long-Chain Phenyl Glucoside Influenced by the Introduction of Double Bonds

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posted on 16.08.2002, 00:00 by Jong Hwa Jung, George John, Kaname Yoshida, Toshimi Shimizu
Four long-chain phenyl glucoside amphiphiles possessing a saturated or unsaturated long alkyl chain group as the self-assembling unit of a highly organized molecular architecture were synthesized. Their self-assembling properties were investigated by EF-TEM, SEM, CD, FT-IR, and XRD. Compound 2 possessing one double bond in the lipophilic portion showed twisted helical fibers, which formed a bilayered structure with a 3.59 nm period, while compound 3 showed the helical ribbons and left-handed nanotubular structures with 150−200 nm inner diameters and ca. 20 nm of wall. Very interestingly, compound 4 possessing three double bonds showed a nanotubular structure with ca. 70 nm of inner diameter through a helical ribbon, which formed a loose bilayered structure with 4.62 nm. These results indicate that self-assembling properties strongly depend on the number of cis double bonds.