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Selenylsulfide Bond-Launched Reduction-Responsive Superparamagnetic Nanogel Combined of Acid-Responsiveness for Achievement of Efficient Therapy with Low Side Effect

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posted on 10.07.2017 by Yanan Xue, Xiaoyang Xia, Bo Yu, Lijun Tao, Qian Wang, Shi-Wen Huang, Faquan Yu
With the objective to achieve in-between reduction-responsive drug release, selenylsulfide bond was first explored as a reduction cleavable linkage, compared with the most commonly employed disulfide and diselenide bonds. The reductive nanogel, with a combination of superparamagnetic and acid responsiveness, was fabricated. The expected release profiles were testified. Cytotoxicity assays illustrated the remarkable inhibition to the growth of HeLa cells, in contrast, high tolerance to L02 cells. In vivo investigation exhibited the obvious shrinkage in tumor but a healthy appearance. Hematoxylin-eosin staining and histological examination revealed the lower toxicity. The complex nanogels would have appeared highly promising in cancer therapy.