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Selective Syntheses of Novel Polyether Fullerene Multiple Adducts

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posted on 06.09.2003, 00:00 by Zhiguo Zhou, David I. Schuster, Stephen R. Wilson
We have applied a modified macrocyclic tether approach to control multiple additions to C60. The technique of 3He NMR was used to confirm the selective formation of specific C60 multiple adducts by the macrocyclic tether approach. An oligoglycol was used as a flexible linker to produce macrocyclic polyether-linked malonates 5, 6, 8, and 9 under solid−liquid PTC (phase-transfer-catalysis) conditions. The formation of a single C60 tris-adduct, 3, from macrocyclic malonate 1 and 3He@C60 was proven by 3He NMR. Similarly, multiple additions to C60 of macrocyclic polyether malonate 5 gave C60 bis-adduct 10 selectively, while the reaction of C60 with macrocyclic malonate 8 gave bis-adducts 11 and 12. A similar process with macrocyclic malonate 6 gave tris-adduct 13 with high selectivity as well. Saponification of these C60 multiple adducts gives the corresponding polyacids that are potentially useful in biological applications. Macrocyclic polyether fullerenes are a new class of ionophores, which could be interesting for molecular recognition and for the development of biosensors.