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Scalable Salt-Templated Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Nanosheets toward Printable Energy Storage

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posted on 31.05.2019 by Nan Wei, Lianghao Yu, Zhongti Sun, Yingze Song, Menglei Wang, Zhengnan Tian, Yu Xia, Jingsheng Cai, Ya-yun Li, Liang Zhao, Qiucheng Li, Mark H. Rümmeli, Jingyu Sun, Zhongfan Liu
Mass production of graphene powders affording high quality and environmental benignancy serves as a prerequisite for the practical usage of graphene in multiple energy storage applications. Herein, we exploit a salt-templated CVD approach to harness the direct synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphene (NG) nanosheets and related ink dispersions in a scalable, safe, efficient, and green fashion. Thus-fabricated NG accompanying large productivity, excellent electrical conductivity, and favorable solution processability possesses implications in printable energy storage devices. With the NG-based ink in hand, self-standing 3D architectures with programmable patterns can be directly printed over a myriad of substrates. Accordingly, both electrode preparation for flexible supercapacitors and separator modification in Li–S batteries can be enabled via printing by employing our NG-based composite inks. This work thus represents a practical route for mass production of graphene inks with cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness for emerging energy storage technology.