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Scalable Route to Electroactive and Light Active Perylene Diimide Dye Polymer Binder for Lithium-Ion Batteries

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journal contribution
posted on 26.02.2020 by Pierre Ranque, Chandramohan George, Rajeev K. Dubey, Remco van der Jagt, Delphine Flahaut, Rémi Dedryvère, Marcus Fehse, Panagiotis Kassanos, Wolter F. Jager, Ernst J. R. Sudhölter, Erik M. Kelder
Developing multifunctional polymeric binders is key to the design of energy storage technologies with value-added features. We report that a multigram-scale synthesis of perylene diimide polymer (PPDI), from a single batch via polymer analogous reaction route, yields high molecular weight polymers with suitable thermal stability and minimized solubility in electrolytes, potentially leading to improved binding affinity toward electrode particles. Further, it develops strategies for designing copolymers with virtually any desired composition via a subsequent grafting, leading to purpose-built binders. PPDI dye as both binder and electroactive additive in lithium half-cells using lithium iron phosphate exhibits good electrochemical performance.