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Salicylidene Schiff Base Assembled with Mesoporous Silica SBA-15 as Hybrid Materials for Molecular Logic Function

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posted on 13.12.2007 by Liyan Zhao, Shichao Wang, Ying Wu, Qiufei Hou, Yue Wang, Shimei Jiang
The multiresponse molecule salicylidene Schiff base, N-3,5-dichlorosalicylidene-(S)-α-phenylethylamine (SPEA), was fully encapsulated into the channel of the amino-functionalized mesoporous molecular sieve SBA-15 via the hydrogen bond assembly. This organic/inorganic hybrid material was well-characterized by X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, UV−vis diffuse-reflectance spectra, and photoluminescence spectra. The result indicates that, in sequence modification of aminopropyl and SPEA, the primary hexagonally ordered mesoporous structure of SBA-15 has not been destroyed. Stimulated by the inputs of OH-, Zn2+, and UV light, this hybrid material can present strong fluorescence outputs and perform a more complex logic function than in the solution system. The strong fluorescence emission makes its logic operation detectable and applicable.