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Room Temperature Operational Thermochromic Liquid Crystals

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posted on 16.05.2006 by M. Seredyuk, Ana B. Gaspar, V. Ksenofontov, S. Reiman, Y. Galyametdinov, W. Haase, E. Rentschler, P. Gütlich
Thermochromic liquid crystals operating in the room temperature region have been successfully designed and synthesized. The reaction of 3,5-dialkoxy-N-4H-1,2,4-triazol-4-ylbenzamide ligands with Fe(4-MeC6H4SO3)2 salt have afforded a family of complexes with the general formula [Fe(Cn-trz)3](4-MeC6H4SO3)2·H2O, n being the number of carbon atoms of the alkyl chain (8 (1), 10 (2), and 12 (3)). It appears that spin-crossover (SCO) behavior occurs in the temperature range at which the materials show a discotic columnar mesophase Dhd. As a result of the ability of liquid crystals to form thin layers, it is possible to obtain thermochromic SCO films. Understanding of possible interplay/synergy between the different phase transitions occurring in these materials is still a perspective study but certainly is exciting and attractive to chemists as well as physicists.