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Reversible Chalcogen-Atom Transfer to a Terminal Uranium Sulfide

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journal contribution
posted on 15.12.2014 by Danil E. Smiles, Guang Wu, Trevor W. Hayton
The reaction of elemental S or Se with [K­(18-crown-6)]­[U­(S)­(NR2)3] (1) results in the formation of the new uranium­(IV) dichalcogenides [K­(18-crown-6)]­[U­(η2-S2)­(NR2)3] (2) and [K­(18-crown-6)]­[U­(η2-SSe)­(NR2)3] (5). The further addition of elemental S to 2 results in the formation of [K­(18-crown-6)]­[U­(η3-S3)­(NR2)3] (3). Complexes 2, 3, and 5 can be reconverted into 1 via the addition of R3P (R = Et, Ph), concomitant with the formation of R3PE (E = S, Se).