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Red Algae-Derived Carrageenan Coatings for Marine Antifouling Applications

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posted on 17.11.2020, 21:13 by Dahee Kim, Sung Min Kang
We report a facile approach for the fabrication of a marine antifouling coating using the red algae-derived polysaccharide, carrageenan (CAR). Because CAR is hydrophilic and negatively charged, we hypothesized that it would form strong hydration layers upon adsorption onto solid surfaces, thereby exhibiting marine antifouling properties. Although various types of CAR can be used for marine antifouling, a universally applicable coating method has not yet been developed; thus, a systematic study on the marine antifouling property of CAR coating is lacking. Here, we fabricated a versatile CAR coating via ZrIV-mediated multiple cross-linking reactions between the sulfate groups of CAR and metal ions and successfully deposited κ-, ι-, and λ-CAR onto solid surfaces. Specifically, λ-CAR showed superior marine antifouling performance, as evidenced by the results of the marine diatom adhesion assays.