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Raman Evidence for Meisenheimer Complex Formation in the Hydrolysis Reactions of 4-Fluorobenzoyl- and 4-Nitrobenzoyl-Coenzyme A Catalyzed by 4-Chlorobenzoyl-Coenzyme A Dehalogenase

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posted on 17.05.2002 by Jian Dong, Paul R. Carey, Yansheng Wei, Lusong Luo, Xuefeng Lu, Rui-Qin Liu, Debra Dunaway-Mariano
4-Chlorobenzoyl-coenzyme A (4-CBA-CoA) dehalogenase catalyzes the hydrolytic dehalogenation of 4-CBA-CoA to 4-hydroxybenzoyl-CoA by using an active site Asp145 carboxylate as the nucleophile. Formation of the corresponding Meisenheimer complex (EMc) is followed by chloride ion expulsion to form arylated enzyme (EAr). The EAr is then hydrolyzed to product. In this paper, we report the kinetics for dehalogenase-catalyzed 4-fluorobenzoyl-CoA (4-FBA-CoA) and 4-nitrobenzoyl-CoA (4-NBA-CoA) hydrolysis and provide Raman spectral evidence for the accumulation of EMc in these reactions. The 4-FBA-CoA and 4-NBA-CoA substrate analogues were selected for the poor leaving group ability of their C(4) substituents. Thus, the formation of the EAr from EMc should be hindered, giving rise to a quasi-steady-state equilibrium between EMc and the Michaelis complex. Detailed kinetic studies were carried out to quantitate the composition of the reaction mixtures. Quench experiments demonstrated that significant populations of EAr do not exist in reaction mixtures involving the 4-F- or 4-N-substrates. A kinetic model enabled us to estimate that approximately 10−20% of the enzyme−substrate complexes in the reaction mixtures are present as EMc. Raman difference spectra of 4-NBA-CoA and 4-FBA-CoA bound to WT and H90Q mutant dehalogenase have broad features near 1500 and 1220 cm-1 that are absent in the free ligand. Crucially, these features are also absent in the Raman spectra of the complexes involving the D145A dehalogenase mutant that are unable to form an EMc. Quantum mechanical calculations, at the DFT level, provide strong support for assigning the novel 1500 and 1220 cm-1 features to an EMc.