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Promising Approach for Improving Adhesion Capacity of Foliar Nitrogen Fertilizer

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journal contribution
posted on 02.03.2015 by Min Wang, Xiao Sun, Naiqin Zhong, Dongqing Cai, Zhengyan Wu
Foliar nitrogen fertilizer (FNF) unabsorbed by crops leaves eventually discharges into environment through rainwater washing, leaching and volatilization, causing severe pollution to water, soil and air. Therefore, improving the adhesion capacity of FNF is sorely needed. This work developed a loss-control foliar nitrogen fertilizer (LCFNF) by adding a complex, as a loss control agent (LCA), including attapulgite (ATP) irradiated by high-energy electron beam (HEEB), and straw ash-based biochar and biosilica (BCS) to traditional FNF. LCA possesses a porous micro/nano networks structure and thus could bind a large amount of nitrogen to form fertilizer-ATP-BCS system, which could be then retained by the rough surface of crop leaves. As a result, LCFNF displayed higher adhesion performance on crop leaves, lower loss amount and thus higher utilization efficiency compared with FNF. This work provides a novel and promising approach to control the loss of traditional FNF and ultimately lower the environment pollution risk.