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Preparation of Stilbene-Tethered Nonnatural Nucleosides for Use with Blue-Fluorescent Antibodies

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posted on 13.02.2001 by Da-Wei Chen, Beuscher, Raymond C. Stevens, Peter Wirsching, Richard A. Lerner, Kim D. Janda
The synthesis of the first examples of stilbene-tethered hydrophobic C-nucleosides is described. Compounds of this type are targeted for use with our recently reported “blue-fluorescent antibodies” with the aim of probing native and nonnatural DNA. The nucleophilic addition of aryl Grignard reagents to either a protected 2‘-deoxy-1‘-chloro-ribofuranose or a protected 2‘-deoxy-ribonolactone was the key synthetic step and afforded C-nucleosides in good yields. Both routes resulted in a final product that was ≥90% of the β-anomer. Amide- and ether-based linkers for attachment of trans-stilbene to the nucleobase were assessed for utility during synthesis and in binding of the ligands to a blue-fluorescent monoclonal antibody. X-ray structures of each complex were obtained and serve as a guideline for second-generation stilbene-tethered C-nucleosides. The development of these hydrophobic nucleosides will be useful in current native and nonnatural DNA studies and invaluable for investigations regarding novel, nonnatural genomes in the future.