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Predicting Surface Tension of Liquid Organic Solvents

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journal contribution
posted on 16.05.2000, 00:00 by E. Egemen, N. Nirmalakhandan, C. Trevizo
A group contribution method is proposed to predict surface tension of liquid organic solvents. The proposed model is developed from a training set of 349 chemicals and validated with an external testing set of 44 chemicals. For the training set, the experimental surface tension values and the values fitted by this model agreed well with r2 = 0.75 at p = 0.0001. The predictions of this model for the external testing set of 44 chemicals were within an average factor of error of 1.07 showing good agreement between experimental and predicted values with r2 = 0.89 at p = 0.0001. A comparison of the model developed in this study against five other empirical models reported in the literature is also presented.