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Polymer-Bound Chiral Gold-Based Complexes as Efficient Heterogeneous Catalysts for Enantioselectivity Tunable Cycloaddition

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journal contribution
posted on 04.12.2015, 00:00 by Mingjin Chen, Zhan-Ming Zhang, Zhunzhun Yu, Haile Qiu, Ben Ma, Hai-Hong Wu, Junliang Zhang
The polymer-bound Ming-Phos was easily prepared by the highly efficient immobilization of our recently developed Ming-Phos in polystyrene by copolymerization in the presence of 5% DVB, which shows good performance in the application of heterogeneously catalyzed asymmetric cycloaddition. A pair of enantiomers of the product with opposite configurations could be easily delivered in high yields with excellent enantioselectivity by the application of two diastereomers of the heterogeneous catalyst. This heterogeneous catalyst not only exhibits similar catalytic activity and enantioselectivity to those of the homogeneous catalyst but also could be easily recovered and recycled for up to eight cycles.