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Plasmonic Modes of Metallic Semishells in a Polymer Film

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posted on 23.03.2010, 00:00 by Jian Ye, Niels Verellen, Willem Van Roy, Liesbet Lagae, Guido Maes, Gustaaf Borghs, Pol Van Dorpe
The symmetry-broken geometry and variation of metal composition of semishells induce new plasmonic properties. A system of separated metallic semishells embedded in a poly(dimethylsiloxane) polymer film provides an ideal platform to investigate the localized surface plasmon resonance modes of semishells. We demonstrate experimentally that silver, gold, copper, and aluminum semishells can offer distinct plasmonic responses due to the wide range of their material parameters. Numerical calculations combined with the plasmon hybridization theory render us a clear understanding and assignment of the plasmonic modes of the semishells.