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Plasmonic Coupling of Bow Tie Antennas with Ag Nanowire

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posted on 13.04.2011 by Zheyu Fang, Linran Fan, Chenfang Lin, Dai Zhang, Alfred J. Meixner, Xing Zhu
Ag nanowire with the receiving and transmitting Ag bow tie antenna pairs at its incident and emission ends was patterned on the SiO2 substrate to realize an enhanced surface plasmon emission with a factor of 45 compared to the single Ag nanowire without antenna pairs. The receiving and transmitting bow tie antenna pairs enhanced the plasmon coupling and emission efficiencies of the Ag nanowire. And the maximum plasmon emission sensitively depended on the length of Ag nanowire, the arm length of bow tie antennas, and the incident angle of optical excitation. This enhanced plasmon emission was confirmed by finite-difference time-domain simulations and explored with analytical calculations using the impedance matching theory at optical frequency.