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Photochemistry of Diaryl Vicinal Tetraketones and Chemistry of Intermediate (Aroyloxy)arylketenes1

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posted on 22.01.1998 by Mordecai B. Rubin, Marina Etinger, Moshe Kapon, Eric C. Krochmal, Raisa Monosov, Stephan Wierlacher, Wolfram Sander
Photolysis of diaryl vic-tetraketones results in formation of tricyclic-γ-lactones 3 and 4 with low quantum but high chemical yield. (Aroyloxy)arylketenes and carbon monoxide are the initial photochemical products of these photolyses. Subsequent reaction of ketene with ground-state tetraketone results in formation of the observed photoproducts via intermediate β-lactones. The latter are formed with a high degree of stereoselectivity. The failure of a cyclic tetraketone to react is attributed to its inability to undergo the cyclic mechanism proposed for formation of ketenes from tetraketones. Dimesityl and di-tert-butyl tetraketones react by a competing intramolecular hydrogen atom transfer mechanism. Dimerization of (benzoyloxy)phenylketene and its reactions with a number of tetraketones are described.