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Photocatalytic Reduction of Cr(VI) on a 3.0% Au/Sr0.70Ce0.20WO4 Photocatalyst

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journal contribution
posted on 08.10.2020, 19:45 by Jia Yang, Mingyan Fu, Mingdan Tan, Yanling Tian, Xiaorui Sun, Huisheng Huang
Herein, a 3.0%-Au/Sr0.70Ce0.20WO4 sample was prepared for the photocatalytic reduction of the Cr2O72– ion. The photocatalyst was characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and ultraviolet–visible diffuse reflectance spectra. The Sr0.70Ce0.20WO4 sample presented a photocatalytic reduction activity that is better than those of the Ce-doped sample and the intrinsic sample. Thereafter, different metal elements, Cu, Ag, Au, and Pt, were used as cocatalysts, which were loaded on the Sr0.70Ce0.20WO4 sample. The 3.0%-Au/Sr0.70Ce0.20WO4 photocatalyst showed optimal photocatalytic reduction activity in a 8 vol % methanol solution (pH = 7) under visible light irradiation. The kinetic constant of the optimal one is 0.0039 min–1, which is 1.86 times that of the Sr0.70Ce0.20WO4 sample. The photocatalyst is stable enough after a 24 h photocatalytic experiment.