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Pd Nanoparticle/CoP Nanosheet Hybrids: Highly Electroactive and Durable Catalysts for Ethanol Electrooxidation

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posted on 12.10.2016, 00:00 by Sheng-Hua Ye, Jin-Xian Feng, Gao-Ren Li
Herein, we develop strongly coupled Pd nanoparticles/CoP nanosheets attached on the cloth of carbon fibers (CFC) (Pd@CoP NSs/CFC) to enhance the catalytic activity and durability of Pd nanoparticles by in situ nucleation and growth of Pd nanoparticles on the fabricated CoP nanosheets. In comparison with Pd/C and Pd/CFC catalysts, the Pd@CoP NSs exhibit not only high electroactivity but also excellent stability for the electrooxidation of ethanol in basic solution. The improved electrocatalytic activity of Pd@CoP NSs is due to the number increase and activity improvement of active sites, which can be attributed to the strong interactions between CoP nanosheets and Pd nanoparticles. The high stability of Pd@CoP NSs is ascribed to the direct oxidation of intermediate species to carbonate by OHad that was produced from the intermediate species of Co­(OH)2. This study will open up exciting opportunities for the development of catalysts with enhanced electroactivity and stability via the fabrication of hybrids with strong electrical coupling between metal nanoparticles and cocatalysts.