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Partially Reversible H2S Adsorption by MFM-300(Sc): Formation of Polysulfides

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journal contribution
posted on 13.04.2020 by J. Gabriel Flores, J. Antonio Zárate-Colín, Elí Sánchez-González, Jorge R. Valenzuela, Aída Gutiérrez-Alejandre, Jorge Ramírez, Vojtech Jancik, Julia Aguilar-Pliego, Maria Cristina Zorrilla, Hugo A. Lara-García, Eduardo González-Zamora, Gregorio Guzmán-González, Ignacio González, Guillaume Maurin, Ilich A. Ibarra
The metal–organic framework (MOF)-type MFM-300­(Sc) exhibits a combined physisorption and chemisorption capture of H2S, leading to a high uptake (16.55 mmol g–1) associated with high structural stability. The irreversible chemisorbed sulfur species were identified as low-order polysulfide (n = 2) species. The isostructural MFM-300­(In) was demonstrated to promote the formation of different polysulfide species, paving the way toward a new methodology to incorporate polysulfides within MOFs for the generation of novel MOF-lithium/sulfur batteries.