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Oscillating Magnetoresistance in Graphene p–n Junctions at Intermediate Magnetic Fields

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journal contribution
posted on 06.04.2017, 16:20 by Hiske Overweg, Hannah Eggimann, Ming-Hao Liu, Anastasia Varlet, Marius Eich, Pauline Simonet, Yongjin Lee, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Klaus Richter, Vladimir I. Fal’ko, Klaus Ensslin, Thomas Ihn
We report on the observation of magnetoresistance oscillations in graphene p–n junctions. The oscillations have been observed for six samples, consisting of single-layer and bilayer graphene, and persist up to temperatures of 30 K, where standard Shubnikov–de Haas oscillations are no longer discernible. The oscillatory magnetoresistance can be reproduced by tight-binding simulations. We attribute this phenomenon to the modulated densities of states in the n- and p-regions.