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Optically Active 1D MoS2 Nanobelts

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journal contribution
posted on 15.02.2018 by Akshay A. Murthy, Yuan Li, Edgar Palacios, Qianqian Li, Shiqiang Hao, Jennifer G. DiStefano, Chris Wolverton, Koray Aydin, Xinqi Chen, Vinayak P. Dravid
Transition metal dichalcogenides can be synthesized in a wide range of structures. 1D geometries, including nanotubes and nanowires, are especially intriguing due to enhanced light-matter interactions stemming from both the thickness and width possessing subwavelength dimensions. In this letter, we demonstrate the synthesis of 1D MoS2 nanobelts through chemical vapor deposition and examine the mechanism driving the formation of this material. We also report enhanced light scattering within these structures. Finally, we investigate the phototransistor behavior of MoS2 nanobelts and observed a photoresponsivity around 1.5 A/W, an order of magnitude greater than analogous multilayer 2D MoS2 sheets reported previously.