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Optical Behavior of Conjugated Pt-Containing Polymetallaynes Exposed to Gamma-Ray Radiation Doses

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posted on 30.06.2011, 00:00 by Augusto Batagin-Neto, Erika S. Bronze-Uhle, David M. Fernandes, Ilaria Fratoddi, Iole Venditti, Franco Decker, Enrico Bodo, Maria Vittoria Russo, Carlos F. O. Graeff
The effect of 60Co γ irradiation on the absorption and emission spectra of the organometallic polymer [−Pt(PBu3)2CCC6H4C6H4CC−]n (Pt-DEBP) in chloroform and toluene solutions for dosimetry applications has been studied. The system Pt-DEBP/chloroform can be used for dosimetric applications in two different ways: (i) monitoring of absorption spectra changes for higher doses (higher than 1 Gy), and (ii) monitoring of emission spectra changes for low doses (below 1 Gy). The response of the polymer solution to γ ray doses has been interpreted with the aid of theoretical studies based on time dependent density functional theory (TD-DFT) calculations on the absorption bands of a model complex and of the possible fragments coming from the degradation of the polymer backbone. It has been proposed that the observed changes are promoted by the attack of radicals, from the radiolysis of the solvent, on the polymer triple bonds.