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One Pot Synthesis of Disilatricycloheptene Analogue and Jutzi’s Disilene

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journal contribution
posted on 18.10.2010 by Shabana Khan, Sakya S. Sen, Herbert W. Roesky, Daniel Kratzert, Reent Michel, Dietmar Stalke
The reaction of LiN(TMS)2 (TMS = Me3Si) with dichlorosilane (Me5C5)SiHCl2 (1) in a molar ratio of 3:2 at ambient temperature leads to the formation of the disilatricycloheptene analogue (2). Compound 2 consists of three (three-, four-, and five-membered) fused rings that together form a six-membered heterocyclic ring. However, the reaction of 1 with KN(TMS)2 affords the formation of disilene of composition E-[(TMS)2N](η1-Me5C5)SiSi(η1-Me5C5)[N(TMS)2] (3) in good yield. This is a convenient and facile route for the synthesis of 3 in a single step and supports the formation of (Me5C5)SiN(TMS)2 as an intermediate.