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Novel Organometallic Gelators with Enhanced Amphiphilic Character: Structure−Property Correlations, Principles for Design, and Diversity of Gelation

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posted on 09.03.2009, 00:00 by Andreas Gansäuer, Iris Winkler, Thorsten Klawonn, Roeland J. M. Nolte, Martin C. Feiters, Hans G. Börner, Jens Hentschel, Karl Heinz Dötz
A series of new titanocene complexes was synthesized and investigated toward their gelation abilities. The first structure−property correlations for organometallic gelators could be deduced. The gels and their structural diversity were characterized by TEM, cryo-SEM, and AFM as well as CD-spectroscopy. The organometallic gels display an enhanced amphiphilic character compared to typical organic ALS gelators.