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Novel Estrogen Receptor-Related Transcripts in Marisa cornuarietis; a Freshwater Snail with Reported Sensitivity to Estrogenic Chemicals

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posted on 01.04.2007 by Richard Bannister, Nicola Beresford, Denise May, Edwin J. Routledge, Susan Jobling, Mariann Rand-Weaver
We have isolated novel molluskan steroid receptor transcripts orthologous to vertebrate estrogen receptors (ERs) and estrogen receptor-related receptors (ERRs) from the freshwater snail Marisa cornuarietis. Radiolabeled ligand binding analyses showed that neither recombinant receptor protein specifically bound 17β-estradiol over the range applied (0.3−9.6 nM). These novel receptor transcripts have thus been designated mcER-like and mcERR respectively. Quantitative PCR revealed mcER-like to be expressed ubiquitously throughout a range of male and female structures studied, including neural and reproductive tissues. Highest absolute levels were seen in the male penis-sheath complex. The mcERR mRNA was also expressed ubiquitously throughout all male and female tissues analyzed here, with very low absolute transcript numbers in female accessory sex structures compared to other tissues.