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Next-Generation TLC: A Quantitative Platform for Parallel Spotting and Imaging

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journal contribution
posted on 06.07.2020, 21:09 by Alexander A. Boulgakov, Sarah R. Moor, Hyun Hwa Jo, Pedro Metola, Leo A. Joyce, Edward M. Marcotte, Christopher J. Welch, Eric V. Anslyn
A high-throughput screening approach for simultaneous analysis and quantification of the percent conversion of up to 48 reactions has been developed using a thin-layer chromatography (TLC) imaging method. As a test-bed reaction, we monitored 48 thiol conjugate additions to a Meldrum’s acid derivative (1) in parallel using TLC. The TLC elutions were imaged using a cell phone and a LEGO brick-constructed UV/vis light box. Further, a spotting device was constructed from LEGO bricks that allows simple transfer of the samples from a well-plate to the TLC plate. Using software that was developed to detect “blobs” and report their intensity, we were able to quantitatively determine the extent of completion of the 48 reactions with one analysis.