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New Cytotoxic Cembranes from the Sea Pen Gyrophyllum sibogae

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posted on 23.07.2004 by Fernando Reyes, Ana Ardá, Rocío Martín, Rogelio Fernández, Ana Rueda, David Montalvo, Cristina Gómez, Carlos Jiménez, Jaime Rodríguez, José M Sánchez-Puelles
Two new cembrane-type diterpenoids have been isolated from the 2-propanol extract of the sea pen Gyrophyllum sibogae collected in South Africa:  7,8-dihydroflabellatene A (1) and 7,8-dihydroflabellatene B (2). Their structures were determined on the basis of detailed spectroscopic analysis and by single-crystal X-ray analysis of the major metabolite 1, which showed strong in vitro cytotoxicity against a panel of 13 tumor cell lines.