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Nanopatterns Biofunctionalized with Cell Adhesion Molecule DM-GRASP Offered as Cell Substrate: Spacing Determines Attachment and Differentiation of Neurons

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journal contribution
posted on 09.12.2009 by Steffen Jaehrling, Karsten Thelen, Tobias Wolfram, G. Elisabeth Pollerberg
The density/spacing of plasma membrane proteins is thought to be crucial for their function; clear-cut experimental evidence, however, is still rare. We examined nanopatterns biofunctionalized with cell adhesion molecule DM-GRASP with respect to their impact on neuron attachment and neurite growth. Data analysis/modeling revealed that these cellular responses improve with increasing DM-GRASP density, with the exception of one spacing which does not allow for the anchorage of a cytoskeletal protein (spectrin) to three DM-GRASP molecules.