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Nanoparticles to Nanoholes: Fabrication of Porous GaN with Precisely Controlled Dimension via the Enhanced GaN Decomposition by Au Nanoparticles

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journal contribution
posted on 20.04.2016 by Puran Pandey, Mao Sui, Ming-Yu Li, Quanzhen Zhang, Sundar Kunwar, Jiang Wu, Zhiming M. Wang, Gregory. J. Salamo, Jihoon Lee
Porous GaN exhibits unique optoelectronic, chemical, and physical properties such as shift of band gap, increased surface area ratio, excellent chemical, mechanical, and thermal stability as well as efficient luminescence as compared to its bulk counterpart. Herein, we demonstrate a precise, efficient, and still cost-effective method of the fabrication of porous GaN through the enhanced GaN decomposition by using Au nanoparticles (NPs) as a catalyst, in which the size, density, and shape of the pores (nanoholes, NHs) can be precisely controlled. By the thermal annealing assisted with the Au NPs, the NHs are successfully fabricated, and the existence of Au NPs significantly accelerate the GaN decomposition at the interface between the NPs and GaN due to the Ga absorption by the Au NPs. We systematically study the formation mechanism of NHs assisted by the Au NPs by means of annealing temperature, duration, and Au deposition amount, and the results are systematically analyzed and discussed.