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Modulation of Junction Modes in SnSe2/MoTe2 Broken-Gap van der Waals Heterostructure for Multifunctional Devices

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posted on 11.03.2020, 17:03 by Juchan Lee, Ngoc Thanh Duong, Seungho Bang, Chulho Park, Duc Anh Nguyen, Hobeom Jeon, Jiseong Jang, Hye Min Oh, Mun Seok Jeong
We study the electronic and optoelectronic properties of a broken-gap heterojunction composed of SnSe2 and MoTe2 with gate-controlled junction modes. Owing to the interband tunneling current, our device can act as an Esaki diode and a backward diode with a peak-to-valley current ratio approaching 5.7 at room temperature. Furthermore, under an 811 nm laser irradiation the heterostructure exhibits a photodetectivity of up to 7.5 × 1012 Jones. In addition, to harness the electrostatic gate bias, Voc can be tuned from negative to positive by switching from the accumulation mode to the depletion mode of the heterojunction. Additionally, a photovoltaic effect with a fill factor exceeding 41% was observed, which highlights the significant potential for optoelectronic applications. This study not only demonstrates high-performance multifunctional optoelectronics based on the SnSe2/MoTe2 heterostructure but also provides a comprehensive understanding of broken-band alignment and its applications.