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Metal−Organic Coordination Interactions in Fe−Terephthalic Acid Networks on Cu(100)

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journal contribution
posted on 13.02.2008 by Steven L. Tait, Yeliang Wang, Giovanni Costantini, Nian Lin, Alessandro Baraldi, Friedrich Esch, Luca Petaccia, Silvano Lizzit, Klaus Kern
Metal−organic coordination interactions are prime candidates for the formation of self-assembled, nanometer-scale periodic networks with room-temperature structural stability. We present X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurements of such networks at the Cu(100) surface which provide clear evidence for genuine metal−organic coordination. This is evident as binding energy shifts in the O 1s and Fe 3p photoelectron peaks, corresponding to O and Fe atoms involved in the coordination. Our results provide the first clear evidence for charge-transfer coordination in metal−organic networks at surfaces and demonstrate a well-defined oxidation state for the coordinated Fe ions.