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Metal-Free Sulfonylation of 3,4-Dihalo-2(5H)‑furanones (X = Cl, Br) with Sodium Sulfinates under Air Atmosphere in Aqueous Media via a Radical Pathway

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journal contribution
posted on 14.01.2018 by Liang Cao, Jian-Xiao Li, Han-Qing Wu, Kai Jiang, Zhi-Feng Hao, Shi-He Luo, Zhao-Yang Wang
A convenient and environmentally friendly protocol has been developed for the preparation of various sulfonylated 2­(5H)-furanones by the sulfonylation of Csp2–X compounds with sodium sulfinates via a metal-free radical pathway. For low-cost Csp2–Cl substrates, there is also a satisfactory reactivity with moderate to excellent yields as well as high atom economy. Importantly, the application of this method into a gram-scale (even over 10 g) preparation can be accomplished.