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Mechanical Fixation by Porphyrin Connection: Synthesis and Transport Studies of a Bicyclic Dimer

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posted on 14.11.2019 by Patrick Zwick, Kevin J. Weiland, Juraj Malinčík, Davide Stefani, Daniel Häussinger, Herre S. J. van der Zant, Diana Dulić, Marcel Mayor
The bowl-shaped, 3-fold interlinked porphyrin dimer 2 was obtained in respectable yields during macrocyclization attempts. Its bicyclic structure, consisting of a macrocycle made of a pair of acetylene interlinked tetraphenylporphyrins which are additionally linked by a C–C bond interlinking two pyrrole subunits, has been confirmed spectroscopically (2D-NMR, UV/vis, HR-MALDI-ToF MS). Late-stage functionalization provided the structural analogue 1 with acetyl-protected terminal thiol anchor groups enabling single molecule transport investigations in a mechanically controlled break junction experiment. The formation of single-molecule junctions was observed, displaying large variations in the observed conductance values pointing at a rich diversity in the molecular junctions.