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Magneto-optical Selection Rules in Bilayer Bernal Graphene

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posted on 23.03.2010, 00:00 by Yen-Hung Ho, Yu-Huang Chiu, De-Hone Lin, Chen-Peng Chang, Ming-Fa Lin
The low-frequency magneto-optical properties of bilayer Bernal graphene are studied by the tight-binding model with the four most important interlayer interactions taken into account. Since the main features of the wave functions are well-depicted, the Landau levels can be divided into two groups based on the characteristics of the wave functions. These Landau levels lead to four categories of absorption peaks in the optical absorption spectra. Such absorption peaks own complex optical selection rules, and these rules can be reasonably explained by the characteristics of the wave functions. In addition, twin-peak structures, regular frequency-dependent absorption rates, and complex field-dependent frequencies are also obtained in this work. The main features of the absorption peaks are very different from those in monolayer graphene and have their origin in the interlayer interactions.