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Magnesium-Stabilized Multifunctional DNA Nanoparticles for Tumor-Targeted and pH-Responsive Drug Delivery

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journal contribution
posted on 20.04.2018 by Haoran Zhao, Xuexia Yuan, Jiantao Yu, Yishun Huang, Chen Shao, Fan Xiao, Li Lin, Yan Li, Leilei Tian
Functional nucleic acids, which can target cancer cells and realize stimuli-responsive drug delivery in tumor microenvironment, have been widely applied for anticancer chemotherapy. At present, high cost, unsatisfactory biostability, and complicated fabrication process are the main limits for the development of DNA-based drug-delivery nanocarriers. Here, a doxorubicin (Dox)-delivery nanoparticle for tumor-targeting chemotherapy is developed taking advantage of rolling circle amplification (RCA) technique, by which a high quantity of functional DNAs can be efficiently collected. Furthermore, Mg2+, a major electrolyte in human body showing superior biocompatibility, can sufficiently condense the very long sequence of an RCA product and better preserve its functions. The resultant DNA nanoparticle exhibits a high biostability, making it a safe and ideal nanomaterial for in vivo application. Through cellular and in vivo experiments, we thoroughly demonstrate that this kind of Mg2+-stabilized multifunctional DNA nanoparticles can successfully realize tumor-targeted Dox delivery. Overall, exploiting RCA technique and Mg2+ condensation, this new strategy can fabricate nanoparticles with a nontoxic composition through a simple fabrication process and provides a good way to preserve and promote DNA functions, which will show a broad application potential in the biomedical field.