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Large-Area Nanopatterning Based on Field Alignment by the Microscale Metal Mask for the Etching Process

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posted on 23.09.2019, 12:03 by Jihye Lee, Jun-Young Lee, Jong-Souk Yeo
Recently, researchers have dedicated efforts toward producing large-area nanostructures using advanced lithography techniques and state-of-the-art etching methods. However, these processes involve challenges such as the diffraction limit and an unintended etching profile. In this work, we demonstrate large-area nanopatterning on a silicon substrate using the microscale metal mask by meticulous optimization of the etching process. Around the vertex of a microscale metal mask, a locally induced electric field is generated by a bias voltage applied on a silicon mold. We utilize this field to change the trajectory of reactive ions and their effect flux, thus providing a controllable bowing effect. The results are analyzed by both numerical simulations and experiments. Based on the field alignment by the metal mask for the etching (FAME) process, we demonstrate the fabrication of 378 nm-size nanostructure patterns which translate to a size reduction of 63% from 1 μm-size mask patterns on a wafer by optimization of the processes. This is much higher than the undercut (∼37%) usually achieved by a typical non-Bosch process under similar etching conditions. The optimized nanostructure is used as a mold for the transfer printing of nanostructure arrays on a flexible substrate to demonstrate that it enables the functionality of FAME-processed nanostructures.