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Island-like Nanoporous Gold: Smaller Island Generates Stronger Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering

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posted on 03.08.2017 by Jinglin Huang, Zhibing He, Xiaoshan He, Yansong Liu, Tao Wang, Guo Chen, Cuilan Tang, Ru Jia, Lei Liu, Ling Zhang, Jian Wang, Xing Ai, Shubing Sun, Xiaoliang Xu, Kai Du
The surface-enhanced Raman scattering properties of nanoporous gold prepared by the dealloying technique have been investigated for many years.The relatively low enhancement factor and the poor uniformity of existing conventional or advanced nanoporous gold structures are still the main factors that limit their wide application as Raman enhancement substrates. Here, we report island-like nanoporous gold (INPG) fabricated by simply controlling the composition of the dealloying precursor.This nanostructure can generate ∼10 times higher enhancement factor (above 107) with ∼4 times lower gold consumption than conventional nanoporous gold. The dimensions of the gold islands can be controlled by the composition of the precursor. The enhancement factor can therefore be controlled by the gold island dimensions, which suggests an effective approach to fabricate better Raman enhancement substrates. Furthermore, INPG exhibits excellent Raman enhancement uniformity and reproducibility with the relative standard deviations of only 2.5% and 6.5%, which originate from the extremely homogeneous structure of INPG at both the microscale and macroscale. The excellent surface-enhanced Raman scattering properties make INPG a potential surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate.