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Insecticidal Cyclodepsipeptides from Beauveria felina

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posted on 25.04.2011 by Aude Langenfeld, Alain Blond, Sabelle Gueye, Patrick Herson, Bastien Nay, Joëlle Dupont, Soizic Prado
A novel cyclodepsipeptide, iso-isariin B (1), and the known isaridin E (2) were isolated from the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria felina. Their structures were elucidated using MS/MS fragmentation and extensive 2D-heteronuclear NMR. The X-ray structure of isaridin E was obtained, showing two potent intramolecular H bonds and a type-VI turn with the HyLeu1-Pro2 amide bond in a cis conformation. Iso-isariin B (1) was active against the pest-insect Sitophilus spp. with an LD50 value of 10 μg/mL. This observation also gives some clues for ecological interpretation of cyclodepsipeptide production by B. felina.