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Ink-Jet Printing of Cu−Ag-Based Highly Conductive Tracks on a Transparent Substrate

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journal contribution
posted on 06.01.2009 by Kyoohee Woo, Dongjo Kim, Jang Sub Kim, Soonkwon Lim, Jooho Moon
We have developed a Cu−Ag-based mixed metal conductive ink from which highly conductive tracks form on a flexible substrate after annealing at low temperature. Addition of small Ag particles significantly improves the particle packing density by filling the interstices formed between the larger Cu particles, which in turn facilitates better conductivity compared to pure Cu metal film. The particle size and volume ratio of the Ag particles added should be carefully controlled to achieve maximum packing density in the bimodal particle system, which is consistent with the theoretical considerations of the Furnas model. In addition, we demonstrate direct writing of complex patterns that exhibit high conductivity upon annealing at sufficiently low temperature (175−210 °C) to not damage the transparent plastic substrate such as polyethersulphone (PES).