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Influence of the Aggregation of a Carbazole Thiophene Cyanoacrylate Sensitizer on Sensitized Photocurrents on ZnO Single Crystals

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posted on 30.07.2013 by Alexander B. Nepomnyashchii, B. A. Parkinson
Dye sensitization of zinc oxide single crystals by a carbazole thiophene cyanoacrylate (MK-2) sensitizer deposited from THF and mixtures of THF and water was investigated. AFM images show the formation of larger aggregates, with the maximum size of 20–30 nm from mixtures of THF and water, compared with 8–12 nm from pure THF. Sensitized photocurrent spectra were correlated with the morphological results from AFM imaging and indicate that aggregation in water results in less efficient sensitization of the ZnO substrate. The presence of the aggregation in solution due to water content was confirmed by absorbance and fluorescence spectroscopies.