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Inclusion of a Photosensitizer in Liposomes Formed by DMPC/Gemini Surfactant:  Correlation between Physicochemical and Biological Features of the Complexes

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posted on 28.07.2005 by Cecilia Bombelli, Giulio Caracciolo, Pietro Di Profio, Marco Diociaiuti, Paola Luciani, Giovanna Mancini, Claudia Mazzuca, Manuela Marra, Agnese Molinari, Donato Monti, Laura Toccacieli, Mariano Venanzi
Mixed cationic liposomes composed by different ratios of dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-phosphatidylcoline (DMPC) and a cationic gemini surfactant have been studied by various physicochemical tools as vehicles for m-tetrahydroxyphenylchlorin (m-THPC), a photosensitizer used in photodynamic therapy. Entrapment and location of m-THPC within the lipid double layer have been evaluated by different techniques and the new formulations have been tested on a stabilized cell line from a human colon tumor, COLO206. A correlation between the physicochemical features of formulations and their efficiency as photosensitizers vector was found.