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In Situ Topology Synthesis of Orthorhombic NaV2O5 with High Pseudocapacitive Contribution for Lithium-Ion Battery Anode

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posted on 17.10.2018, 00:00 by Wenbin Li, Jianfeng Huang, Liyun Cao, Yijun Liu, Limin Pan, Liangliang Feng
Based on the in situ topology transition of monoclinic NaVO3, a submicrobelts-assembled orthorhombic NaV2O5 microbundle is synthesized by a facile hydrothermal method. When applied as the anode for lithium-ion batteries, orthorhombic NaV2O5 with a high pseudocapacitive contribution delivers a high reversible capacity of 470 mA h g–1 at 200 mA g–1 after 400 cycles and that of 385 and 302 mA h g–1 even at 500 and 1000 mA g–1, respectively.