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Highly Fluorescent Chameleon Nanoparticles and Polymer Films: Multicomponent Organic Systems that Combine FRET and Photochromic Switching

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posted on 25.07.2012 by Sanghoon Kim, Seong-Jun Yoon, Soo Young Park
We describe the preparation of highly efficient stimulus-responsive fluorescence color-tuning in self-assembled supramolecular scaffold systems. The systems consisted of a photochromic compound (BP-BTE) in combination with unique luminescent organic materials (CN-MBE, TPS-CNMBE, TPA-2CNMBE) that exhibited intense fluorescence in the solid state. The emission spectrum was tuned by introducing fluorescence resonance energy transfer and photochromic switching capabilities into the system. The materials were used to successfully demonstrate novel fluorescence patterns that were responsive to multiple stimuli, displayed reversible fluorescence switching, and provided a nondestructive readout of the fluorescence signal.