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Highly Enantioselective Hydrogenation of Amides via Dynamic Kinetic Resolution Under Low Pressure and Room Temperature

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posted on 30.01.2017 by Loorthuraja Rasu, Jeremy M. John, Elanna Stephenson, Riley Endean, Suneth Kalapugama, Roxanne Clément, Steven H. Bergens
High-throughput screening and lab-scale optimization were combined to develop the catalytic system trans-RuCl2((S,S)-skewphos)­((R,R)-dpen), 2-PrONa, and 2-PrOH. This system hydrogenates functionalized α-phenoxy and related amides at room temperature under 4 atm H2 pressure to give chiral alcohols with up to 99% yield and in greater than 99% enantiomeric excess via dynamic kinetic resolution.