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Highly Conductive Silver Nanoparticle-Functionalized Aramid Fiber Paper for Electrical Heaters with Rapid Response and Chemical Stability

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posted on 09.10.2020 by Yanfen Zhou, Zhenhua Sun, Liang Jiang, Shaojuan Chen, Jianwei Ma, Fenglei Zhou
Electrical heaters with rapid response, robust mechanical properties, and reliable chemical stability are highly desirable to meet the requirements for the development of high-performance heating systems that can be used in extreme conditions. Herein, highly conductive silver nanoparticle (AgNPs)-functionalized aramid fiber paper (AFP)-based electrical heaters were fabricated through an efficient plasma treatment and electroless plating method. The AFP/AgNPs show outstanding electrical conductivity with electrical resistance as low as 0.047 Ω/sq and maintain high electrical conductivity after 20 washing cycles and 1000 bending cycles. The AFP/AgNP-based electrical heater could reach a temperature of about 210 °C at a low voltage of 1 V with a rapid response time of 20 s. The electrical heater also exhibited sufficient heating reliability, stability, and repeatability in the long term (up to 10,000 s) and for 180 repeated heating and cooling cycles. Moreover, the electrical heaters maintain satisfactory heating performances even after being treated with acid/alkali solutions and various organic solvents. The overall performance of AFP/AgNP-based electrical heaters has been demonstrated in the application of water heating and ice melting, indicating their great potential for high-performance heating systems that can be used in various harsh conditions.