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Flow and Forced Convection Heat and Mass Transfer Characteristics of Developed Laminar Flow in Square Channels with Rounded Corners: A Model for Flow in Washcoated Monolith Channels

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journal contribution
posted on 22.10.2020, 13:09 by Timothy C. Watling
The flow and forced convection heat and mass transfer characteristics for fully developed laminar flow in square channels with rounded corners has been investigated. This geometry serves as a model for washcoated monolith channels. Analytical expressions for the velocity and temperature fields have been obtained using the least squares method. As the channel shape is varied from square, via square with rounded corners to a circle, the velocity profile becomes slightly flatter, resulting in a small decrease in the momentum flux correction factor, kinetic energy flux correction factor, and the maximum velocity; the friction factor and Nu increase, but the viscous loss coefficient (F) and the product of the channel perimeter and heat transfer coefficient, which actually appear in the momentum and energy balance equations of a one-dimensional model of a monolith reactor, decrease. The impact of the channel shape on pressure drop and heat and mass transfer is investigated.