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FeCo Nanowire–Strontium Ferrite Powder Composites for Permanent Magnets with High-Energy Products

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posted on 25.09.2020, 03:13 by J. C. Guzmán-Mínguez, S. Ruiz-Gómez, L. M. Vicente-Arche, C. Granados-Miralles, C. Fernández-González, F. Mompeán, M. García-Hernández, S. Erohkin, D. Berkov, D. Mishra, C. de Julián Fernández, J. F. Fernández, L. Pérez, A. Quesada
Due to the issues associated with rare-earth elements, there arises a strong need for magnets with properties between those of ferrites and rare-earth magnets that could substitute the latter in selected applications. Here, we produce a high remanent magnetization composite bonded magnet by mixing FeCo nanowire powders with hexaferrite particles. In the first step, metallic nanowires with diameters between 30 and 100 nm and length of at least 2 μm are fabricated by electrodeposition. The oriented as-synthesized nanowires show remanence ratios above 0.76 and coercivities above 199 kA/m and resist core oxidation up to 300 °C due to the existence of a >8 nm thin oxide passivating shell. In the second step, a composite powder is fabricated by mixing the nanowires with hexaferrite particles. After the optimal nanowire diameter and composite composition are selected, a bonded magnet is produced. The resulting magnet presents a 20% increase in remanence and an enhancement of the energy product of 48% with respect to a pure hexaferrite (strontium ferrite) magnet. These results put nanowire–ferrite composites at the forefront as candidate materials for alternative magnets for substitution of rare earths in applications that operate with moderate magnet performance.