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Fast, Label-Free Force Spectroscopy of Histone–DNA Interactions in Individual Nucleosomes Using Nanopores

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posted on 18.02.2016 by Andrey Ivankin, Spencer Carson, Shannon R. M. Kinney, Meni Wanunu
Herein we report a novel approach for fast, label-free probing of DNA–histone interactions in individual nucleosomes. We use solid-state nanopores to unravel individual DNA/histone complexes for the first time and find that the unraveling time depends on the applied electrophoretic force, and our results are in line with previous studies that employ optical tweezers. Our approach for studying nucleosomal interactions can greatly accelerate the understanding of fundamental mechanisms by which transcription, replication, and repair processes in a cell are modulated through DNA–histone interactions, as well as in diagnosis of diseases with abnormal patterns of DNA and histone modifications.