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Family of Polynuclear Nickel Cagelike Phenylsilsesquioxanes; Features of Periodic Networks and Magnetic Properties

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posted on 19.10.2017 by Alexey N. Bilyachenko, Alexey Yalymov, Marina Dronova, Alexander A. Korlyukov, Anna V. Vologzhanina, Marina A. Es’kova, Jérôme Long, Joulia Larionova, Yannick Guari, Pavel V. Dorovatovskii, Elena S. Shubina, Mikhail M. Levitsky
A new family of bi-, tetra-, penta-, and hexanickel cagelike phenylsilsesquioxanes 16 was obtained by self-assembly and transmetalation procedures. Their crystal structures were established by single-crystal X-ray analysis, and features of crystal packing relevant to the network formation were studied by a topological analysis. Compounds 1, 2, and 4 are isolated architectures, while 3, 5, and 6 present extended 1D and 3D networks. The investigation of magnetic properties revealed the presence of ferro- (1 and 35) or antiferromagnetic (2 and 6) interactions between Ni­(II) ions, giving rise in the most cases (1, 2, and 46) to the presence of a slow relaxation of the magnetization, which can originate from the spin frustration.